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12 Days of BLOGMAS (Day 10)

Winter break is a great time to continue all the things our kiddos have learned for the first portion of the school year. Even with the crazy busy time of holiday shopping, planning extravagant meals, etc we can still do fun things for the children to continue learning, exploring and practicing their skills while celebrating the most joyful time of the year.

1. DECORATE your tree with numbers and letters

- It an be super easy, either you use those awesome magnetic letters and numbers, put some string on them and hang them on your tree. Or you can print out the letters in numbers in your desired colours and fonts to suit your style and have the kiddos help put the letters and numbers on the tree. And as your kiddos are helping stringing the letters and numbers up, do a fun game such as while putting up the letters as fast as you can and state the corresponding letters and numbers.

2. SCIENCE TIME while HOLIDAY baking

- turn the holiday baking into a game. Such as counting out the ingredients that's needed, memorization of numbers as you count them on the measuring cups and spoons.

- count how many baking utensils are needed

3. ELF on the SHELF quiz????

- have elf on the shelf hold different brain teaser questions that perk the kiddos inquiry process

- have a challenge everyday with ELF on the SHELF, such as how far is the NORTH POLE from where we live? how to make an IGLOO, cut out snow flakes, etc... the list is endless

4. 12 Days of CHRISTMAS

- so for the 12 days leading up to CHRISTMAS, have fun things to do each day that takes the kids outside

- for example have a snow shoe race outside, winter obstacle course (such as wearing all their gear and racing through the playground tunnels, rock wall and slide and see who gets to the finish line first), or winter scavenger hunt, fill spray bottles with food colouring and water and have some fun outdoor snow painting, again get creative in making fun outdoor winter games


- this one is pretty straight forward, kids love doing crafts, especially if it involves painting or gluing. Whip out some white paper and challenge the kiddos to make a 3D igloo, or put out some marshmallow and toothpicks for the kids to conduct their own manipulative play as they create igloos or whatever their imagination desires. Sometimes getting messy is messy, but it's so much fun for the kids (and make it a game when it comes to clean up time, challenging them to see who can clean up the quickest wins a prize)

Here's the PDF if you'd like to print out a copy of your own

Here is a PDF VERSION if you'd like to print the one ABOVE

Lastly here is a PDF of the one ABOVE if you'd like to print it out

We hope you enjoy these fun winter break ideas. What are some fun things your looking forward too this winter break???

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