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New Year New Goals

Hey everyone, sorry we have been MIA. We took so time off after BLOGMAS to spend some family quality time. Happy New Years everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

Now getting into business. I wanted to do a little chat about New years resolutions. Now I wanted this year to be really easy and non fussy so I am doing some realistic goals instead of some crazy out there things I have done in the past. Especially being a busy working mama, easy no n fussy goals are my go to.


Now this one is a BIGGIE for me. I am a working mama so time away from my kids is a major portion of my mom guilt. I have missed my little girls special field trips because of work, not going to special doctor appointments, etc. I have missed out a lot. Although I have a wonderful partner who takes on a lot of the day to day. I feel soo soooo guilty when I am not able to do all the things. I gotta keep reminding myself, this mama works to help pay the bills.


This is also another biggie for me. Missing out on things definitely make me feel like not a good mom. Motherhood some how makes you feel so inadequate right from the beginning. From that hospital room when your learning how to breastfeed, that annoying thing starts creeping in immediately, oh gosh am I breastfeeding right, am I changing the diapers enough, the list goes on and on. We are our own worst enemies, we critique ourselves worse than anyone else. We as moms gotta start realizing that the kids don't want this perfect mom, they want just us, our attention, love and time. So who cares if we aren't the perfect moms that make the perfect meals at the same time everyday. Say I am enough for my kids because they love me, they think I'm amazing, I am the mama that makes them feel okay, so dang it I am an awesome MOM.


I am so guilty of not following through with this one. I mean I am that woman that will complain to my husband I have no alone time and the moment everyone is gone I have no idea what to do with myself..... please tell me I am not the only one LOL. But seriously take some time away from your kids. It'll make you a better mom trust me. For example when my little guy was around 4 months and he had colic and cried so much. I was at my breaking point of crying myself. I decided to put him down in his crib and have 5 minutes in the bathroom to calm down. Cause the kids aren't going to be okay if we as MOMS don't feel okay. So please if you need it take some and be alone.


This is also another one major goal for me. Being a full time working mama and solo parenthood during the weekdays, I really don't get enough sleep. Because as soon as the kids are asleep I am running around trying to get everything done for the next morning. So what I have started doing now is having the kids clean up their messes before bed time, help me get laundry done (which usually means the kids trying to jump on the pile of clothes LOL), we even started having my little girl do chores, like wiping the dining table, etc. We have her do little things to help her feel grown up. This in itself is such a big helper to getting more sleep. Another tip, do the kids lunches the night before, have the kids choose their clothes for school and lay them out, so you get the picture. Having the kids help out will lessen your to do list which will in turn help you get more sleep hopefully.


This for me has been tough. Now when I am with my kids I do try and give them all my attention, but some days are better than others. But I have made it a thing that I will turn my phone on airplane mode for 2 hours and just have special time with the kids. We do puzzles, paint, colour, play with the legos, etc. It's a special time the kids know okay mama is going to hang with us. And trust me when I say it feels pretty dang awesome when you start doing this and realize how awesome it is to power off.


This one I need to really be more aware of to do. But this is one thing I wanna do every day before I go to bed. Write down things that I was thankful for. Doing this will definitely help me realize how thankful I am to have my little family.

What are some of your new years resolutions. I'd love to hear them. Thank you so much for reading along.

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