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Making your kids day

As a part of my new years resolutions and being present. But its always hard juggling all the things that motherhood requires, work and care for the kids solo. So as a part of this new years resolution I thought I would share my list or breakdown of how to follow through with this whole being present parenthood thing.

1. FIND 15 EVERYDAY - give your kid undivided attention without any distractions. Put your phone away. 2. WATCH the WORDS you USE - when your about to have alone time say "I am so excited to take a nice long bath" instead of "Oh thank goodness your home honey! I need a break from the kids" 3. HAVING TO BE APART FROM YOUR CHILD - tell your child what your doing and why it is important 4. ASK your kids QUESTIONS - this will let your child know you are interested of their day to day. Such as "how was lunch time today?" or "So what was the best thing about school?" And don't his often (aim for daily catchups) 5. HUGS AND KISSES - give your kids affection for as they will tolerate it 6. MAKE EYE CONTACT - during times of conversations will make your child feel like they have your full attention 7. RE-CONNECTION PROCESS - at the end of the day instead of asking your child "Did you do your homework" even if you need these things done. Ask yourself what can I say to make my kid happy. Which in turn makes your child excited to talk and see you which will also open up dialogue for your child to open up and connect with you. 8. DON'T FOCUS ON THE END GAME - for example say "I loved watching you kick the ball at soccer practice today" instead of "good job" having your child feel like you were truly obswrving watching instead of how well they did. 9. IGNORE PRE PLANNED MEALS - sometimes a little spontaneous idea from the kids for dinner such as homemade pizza or a modge podge mix of Mac and cheese will make your kiddos night. 10. FOLLOW THE FLOW - let your child pick a fun activity to do and call it something cool like ART BONANZA 11. CREATE AN ATTACHMENT BRIDGE - something that let's your child know you are thinking of them even though your not together such as a surprise note in their lunch box. 12. DROP everything - no matter what your in the middle of doing. If you or your kiddo gets home stop what your doing and greet your child with a huge hug.

I'd love to hear how your following through with you NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS.

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