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Meal delivery services are a HUGE HELP.... Seriously if your just a busy mom or someone that just doesn't know where to start when it comes to meal planning, shopping for all the ingredients and prepping each meal give MEAL DELIVERY SERVICES a try. I had an amazing opportunity to give FRESH PREP VANCOUVER a try and I gotta tell you it's the most easy meals I have ever cooked.

LOL.... little misses reaction to getting a super yummy meal prep delivery, her favourite shrimp fettucine. The meals all come delivered to your door, in a cooler bag, with all the meats or fish frozen at the bottom, with all the other ingredients in a brown paper bag. And the best part, most of the ingrediets are already chopped up for you and measured out.

Fresh prep has two options of meals, for 2 people of a family. Every week you have a menu of meals to choose from. The menu has yummy healthy meals for the family. I love that I am cooking healthy, organic meals for my kiddos.

Each meal has all the ingredients measured out and sealed in little pouches, the directions for each meal is super easy and straight forward. My kiddos have also jumped in to help put the ingredients into the pot since everything is already measured out I don't have to be afraid of over salting etc.

The meals are also pretty fast to whip up. Each meal takes about 30 minutes to cook, so on those crazy weeknights, its so easy to cook up and feed the kids in no time.

Here's one of the yummy meals me and my kiddos whipped up. The kiddos even tried the veggies which they never do, a little bonus if you have your kiddos help to cook the meals, they are more intrigued to try out what they made. And we also have a special promo code "MAMAFRESH18' to get a whopping $33 off your first order. Also you have an option to opt out of meals any week you like or pause your delivery service if you won't be needing the service so it's truly an awesome meal service to try out.

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