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REVIEW: Date Night IN

If you’re like us, date nights out of the house are few and far between. With no family close and not a whole lot of help, we really don't have any opportunities to go out alone. So, when we were introduced to DATE NIGHT IN BOX, it was a no brainer for us to try out.

Not only are we busy with two kids, but I do solo parenthood quite a bit. I mean our story is quite similar to many other families, as I have come to realize after lots of discussions with other moms. My husband works nights and most days. He does 12-14 hour shifts, and I am a teacher, so it’s usually me doing lots of the caring for the babies.

DATE NIGHT IN BOX came at the perfect time. I am starting to feel it…not getting to see my hubs and being on my own. It’s been a lot to handle!

This month’s theme was perfect—all about LOVE! DATE NIGHT IN BOX is definitely perfect as a VALENTINE’S DAY gift. Explore this awesome box! I mean the box came with these yummy nutella crepes, a notepad and pen.

This box is almost therapeutic, seriously. It has a LOVE quiz, a game and envelopes, so you can write love letters to one another. Because really, no one writes love letters anymore or do they? This box definitely made us open up, talk, and I felt like I had my best friend back! It’s weird how doing these kind of activities forces you to re-open again and feel the LOVE.

I highly recommend checking out this DATE NIGHT IN BOX. It really makes you appreciate your partner. It’s also great if you don't want to go out and spend a ton of money. Every month, there is a different creative theme with a bunch of goodies inside to help you rekindle that LOVE with your partner.

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