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REVIEW: SAMURAW Mineral Vitamins

You guys I have the pleasure of partnering up with an amazing local BC company SAMURAW Nutrition, it's an organic nutritional mineral formula for kids. It's the same idea as the gummy bear vitamin, but this is in powder form. But the best part is that the formulation is completely 100% organic, gluten free, certified vegan, dairy free and NON GMO.

My kiddos favourite part is measuring out the powder and mixing it all up in their cups. We usually add a little bit more apple juice because my kids are the pickiest eaters ever and to be honest this formula has a slight strong smell to it so the apple juice helps disguise it so I can get my kiddos to drink it.

Another great observation, ever since my little girl started elementary school, she has been sick so many times I have lost count. We tried all sorts of things to help boost her immune system and all the preventative measures but somehow she would still catch a cold. But after 2 weeks of giving my kiddos this mineral formula, my little girl hasn't been stuffy like she usually is and I truly believe it has something to do with this vitamin mineral formulation. Honestly give this a try if your kiddos aren't into eating those gummy bear vitamins and you can even throw this powder in your smoothies to get those extra nutrients into your kiddos. I mean one little scoop of this mineral formula gives your kiddos 7 servings of fruits and vegetables. Especially for picky eaters, let's be honest like my two, I would be lucky to get them to eat a banana.

What are some little things you do to get your kiddos to eat more fruits and veggies. If you struggle like I do, definitely give this vitamin mineral formula a try.

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