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Sorry we have been MIA lately, I had major writers block and really didn't want to throw out some random blog post. But finally got some inspiration and the words started flowing. I wanted to talk about --->> Self care. It's been a major thing I have not been totally great at. I make sure everyone else is okay and totally forget about myself. So I am trying to do more things that take care of me. Although often I find it so hard to do, guilty even of doing something nice for myself like buy that treat that I really want to try or that shirt that I have been lusting. Please tell me I am not the only one.

Here are some links to some beautiful planners below and HERE is mine. LOVE this ONE, and this ONE, ooh an d definitely this ONE.

So some things that I have been doing is plan things out. I am a pen and paper kinda person so I got to write everything down. I write all the things my little girl has going on at school, work obligations, blogging things that need to get done, never mind the large piles of to dos that needs to be done on the home front. So writing things down really help to plan the week out and if there is a window of free time I try to plan something in there that’s just for me like a walk to the library alone with my cup of Starbucks venti caramel macchiato, with lots of caramel sauce and extra pump of vanilla, so no diet for me (HAHA), you gotta live right.

Another great thing has been reading this book “EMPOWERED MAMA” by Lisa Druxman. It’s an amazing book for you mommas that are having a hard time like me to care of YOU. This book literally forces you to sit down and think about what’s important to you, what makes you happy, what makes you feel fulfilled.

Above is a little chart I have been working on for myself to remind ME of the My important things to ME. And HERE is a PDF FREE PRINTABLE for you all that you can work on YOUR IMPORTANT MOM THINGS.

Would love to know what are some things you do for YOU. Self care is so important and we gotta do it more right.

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