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REVIEW: Wondercrates Box

Where do we even begin..... to say the kids loved this subscription box would be an understatement. As soon as we opened the box, the kids couldn't wait to tear open the paper to get what was inside.

One of the amazing items inside this box is this special book. As my babies get older, instilling some good values, respect, confidence, kindness and empathy are just a fraction of things I want my kiddos to have. This book Stand in My Shoes, is all about teaching your kids about empathy, this book teaches young children the value of noticing how other people feel. Empathy leads to the social skills and personal relationships which make our lives rich and beautiful, and it is something we can help our children learn.

Can you see how excited my love bug was when she saw this special pink super hero cape. She immediately ripped the wrapping open and put it on. She even helped her little brother put his special cape on.

The thoroughly enjoyed the capes. Here they are posing and pretending to fly around and as my little guy said "Save the day like PJ masks". My little guy loved imitating what his sister was doing.

Some INFO about this subscription service:


1. SIDEKICK $24.95/month

Sidekick is a fun way to introduce your child to a new skill each month. Each box comes with: 1. A published book for kids focused on teaching a life skill. 2. A booklet with tips and advice for parents, additional every day activities, and ways for children to use their new powers to make the world a better place. 3. Activities to practice the skill (supplies included). 4. A toy as a fun reminder of their new learned skill.

2.HERO $34.95/month

Hero provides more ways to practice and "live" the skill for a deeper understanding. Includes everything in the Sidekick PLUS: 1. Additional activity to practice the skill (with supplies included). 2. An online lesson for fun and reinforcement. 3. A superhero cape (included in first box) with iron-on patches to decorate and customize. 4. A new iron-on life skill patch to wear with pride. 5. Sample product to introduce more ways to practice. We find amazing products each month and give you a sample. Full products are available in our Superhero subscription (or on our website for purchase).

3.SUPERHERO $44.95/month

Wondercrates has supersized our Hero subscription for the most empowering experience imaginable. Includes everything in the Hero PLUS: FULL SIZE PRODUCTS of the samples found in our Hero box. We find top of the line products each month that focus on in-depth practice and understanding of social emotional skills. With a Superhero box subscription you receive the FULL product (at a fraction of the full retail price) for maximum educational and family fun. No matter what the life skill...your box will be SUPER!

This one activity is my kids FAVE. They love being able to draw different faces on the whiteboard. We read out the different scenarios about why a kid may feel sad, happy, mad, etc. And it asks us WHY? a great activity to get the kiddos minds to think about how someone else may feel.

With kids nowadays..... I know cause I am guilty of it, but having your child feel entitled and giving them everything they want (nothing wrong with that) but when they are so use to getting their way, having everything they want and feeling like they can do no wrong, can go sideways real fast. Instilling some empathy, kindness and love into our children is the first step in helping our kids want to make this world a better place. Empathy boosts resilience. It is the key to forming the healthy relationships that impact our kids' mental health. And empathy is and will be a key skill in the job market.

And lastly, use our special promo code -->WONDER<-- for an awesome 20% off your order.

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