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REVIEW: Kids Night In Box

To say my kids were super excited to open this month’s KIDS NIGHT IN box is an understatement. They opened the box and looked at all the items and were excited to see the yummy treats. Once we got all the items out and started reading through the “Swimming through the Sea GUIDE BOOK” and started doing each activity.

We started out by reading the “YOU BE YOU” book by Linda Kranz. The book is about a little fish name “Adri”. It starts off with Adri swimming around the ocean, as he swam around he noticed that there were a lot of fishes around him that swam left and some swam right. And as Adri kept swimming along he started noticing other differences, like some fish swam up, down, loud, quiet, etc. Adri noticed the many differences amongst each and every fish. Once he got home and saw his mom and dad, he couldn’t help but start bursting out everything that he saw. And the most special thing Adri stated “there are so many of us! We all have something special that we can share.”

Adri loved all the differences that each and every fish had and found it so special. After reading this book, I can see the wheels turning in my little girls head with comments and questions. She immediately stated “Just like humans, we are all different on the outside, like I am brown, baby brother is golden and you are peach mama, but on the inside we are the same and special”.

This book will definitely be read quite a bit with my kids. And as a teacher, this book will come in handy to support the children in my classroom all about empathy and kindness.

We moved on to the next activity, which was by far my little girls favourite. She played with the modeling clay for well over an hour. She would go back and forth mixing the colours to make each piece of modeling clay a special colour. Once she was at the desired shade, she started to shape the modeling clay into a fish. Once done she started walking around with the fish modeling clay and swam all around the house.

Well not to make this post super long, we continued on with the other activities...

- Braille challenge

This one was particularly fun because not only did the kids learn something new, I did as well.

- Drawing challenge (draw with your mouth)

This was the funniest by far. All three of us laughed so hard that we almost didn’t finish LOL

- Obstacle course

This one we did it inside because the weather wasn’t cooperating at all. It was pouring all day so improvised and the kids had a blast.

- Snack time

Well this one was my little guy’s favourite. He couldn’t wait to crack open the vanilla pudding to get mixing.


As we finished the guide book we got the REFLECTION portion and started to go through the questions. Luckily with my teaching background, I am well versed in helping children develop empathy, kindness and inclusion of others. And it’s incredible to see that children don’t notice the differences of their peers.

From the time my kids were small and beginning to understand the world around them. I always instilled in them kindness and empathy, so doing these different activities are the norm for our household. Not only are these values being instilled in our household but also at my little girl’s school where the schools core value states “We are committed to creating an environment that promotes academic excellence, mutual respect, responsibility for learning and growing, and a sense of belonging."

Thank you so much for reading along. What are some awesome subscription boxes you love. I'd love to hear your faves.

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