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happy mama????

Oh my goodness it has been far too long since I have been on here. It's been a little bit of a whirlwind, with my hubs being away for work quite bit, solo motherhood is dang hard, put into combination with my health issues I had step back a bit. But now we are back into the swing of things and I promise not to disappear again.

As this title says "HAPPY MAMA????" its been a bit of a battle to get back to being happy. I have been stressed quite a bit of being alone caring for the kiddos and working I was having a hard time finding that BALANCE. Yup balance what is that anyways LOL. Still trying to figure that one out. But I was finding myself just depleted of energy of everything. Honestly by the time I got the kiddos down for bed I was done myself. Not having time to myself I was running on empty. And with my life being shared on social media, I decided to keep my health issues to myself and close friends and family. But I will say having health issues, will put your life into perspective and all the little stuff isn't such a big deal.

Not only has my health issues given me a jolt of what makes me happy it's helped me realize I need to do things to make me happy. My hubs also realized how important it is for me to get "ME" time. So every night when he comes home I get time to myself after the kids have fallen asleep, he does the chores while I get to do ME, cue the happy dance. Now I will say it was tough to have ME time at first. I literally didn't know what to do haha. But I have started listening to podcasts and sharing some other things that have really helped me get back to "ME".

1. Ask for help

This was the major thing that I really had to get over and DO. It doesn't make you a terrible mother if you need help. And believe me when you do ask for it, the people around you that really care will jump to help you out.

2. Leave the house

This one is the biggest of them all for ME. Getting outside helped me so much. Having to get myself dressed and ready made all the different for me mentally.

3. Make PLANS for fun

Seriously go on that vacation you have been talking/planning for and just do it. Getting away can do you wonders.

4. SLEEP and EAT

This was one of the things that I seriously forgot about to do for myself. I was so busy at making sure the kids ate right and slept that I would sometimes forget to eat more than halfway through the day. This is one thing us mommas need to remember to care for ourselves the way we do our kids.


I mean seriously I really do pick and choose my battles when it comes to getting the kids to do things. So I have taken this same mentality to everyday things... Choose the chores and errands that are the most important to do. And who cares if that list doesn't get done.


Literally do something or watch something that'll make you laugh. Its truly a mood lifter thats for sure. Or if your like me I found some awesome podcasts about motherhood, funny stories that'll make you cry in laughter.

Check out the awesome podcast app below. You'll find all sorts of channels about crimes, motherhood, comedy, etc....

Here are some awesome podcast shows below if you wanna hear some inspiring stories, funny ancedotes and Laugh out loud chats, check out the Cast box app and these amazing podcast showsbelow.

- The Purpose Show

- One Bad Mother

- The healthy MOMS Podcast

- Mamamia Out LOUD

- Motherhood Unstressed

- Simple Families

- Coffee + Crumbs

My apologies.... cannot find the direct links but if you type MOTHERHOOD into the search bar in the app these channels will show up on the top of the list. Or type in these titles of these channels and subscribe you won't regret checking out the cast box app and the amazing podcasts.

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