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REVIEW: Date Night In

This months box had to be the funniest theme yet. It's called "Minute to win it".... It has 60 second games... challenges to see who can win first. Now some were a lot harder than they looked. The Paper Dragon had to be the hardest for me. You each got a pack of streamers and using your non-dominant hand and try to unravel the streamer. I mean it would of been so funny if we actually got this all on video LOL.

Now some of the other games had pretty awesome names, such as Candy elevator another hard one. Using string, straws to make an "elevator" and place jelly beans on top. Now picture this part putting the string onto your ears and slowly pulling the string up and not dropping the jelly beans. Even the kids go in on the action, it was such a fun family activity.

Some other games, elephant march, face the cookie, Jelly belly roll and hide and seek.. We ended up doing all the games as a family activity as we don't get that much alone time, the kids tend to be around us quite a bit. And especially with opposite working hours, we take any time together we can get. Throughout the games, it brought out our competitive spirits and really reminded me of the early days when me and the hubs first started dating. Honestly made me love him all over again. Now it didn't hurt to beat him in one round or more LOL.

What fun subscription box do you love I would love to hear about them. Go check out DATE NIGHT IN box and join in the fun. The boxes have so many different options if your not sure, totally go and try one box out first and go from there.

Month to Month

$34.99 for each date

3 Months of Dates

$99.00 for three dates

6 Months of Dates

$197.00 for six dates

12 Months of Dates

$380.00 for twelve dates

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