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REVIEW: Titanic Vancouver Exhibition

We had the opportunity to check out the Titanic Vancouver exhibit and we had so much fun walking back in time. To set the mood the lights were dimmed and the tone is set. I don't know if it was the lighting, but it just seemed really sad. Maybe it was the fact that we all know about the Titanic and what happened.

The exhibit starts off with each person getting their own Boarding pass onto the White Star Line "RMS TITANIC" Ship. These boarding pass were not any ordinary passes, each one has a passenger’s name that was actually on that ship. And at the end of the exhibit you will walk upon a large ship manifest and see if your passenger had made out alive or sadly passed on from the ice berg crash.

The exhibit had the most beautiful gallery wall of art work and photos of the Titanic. The exhibit feature artifacts recovered from the ocean floor and re-creations of what the passenger rooms, main hallways and foyers.

Pretty cool that bunk beds haven't changed much in the past hundred years LOL. How cool are these replicas? All the details down to the bed shets and pillows are all accuratley put together. And if you were one of the 1st Class passangers, your room would most likely look like the one below, with a beautfiul single bed, chasie lounge, little nook table and coffee table.

As we walked around the exhibit looking at the old artifacts, the saw old beer bottles, little perfume vials, money, brushes, etc; the list went on of all the amazing incredible artifacts that were still intact from the ocean floor. But I think my kids favourite has to be the replica of what the RMS TITANIC looked like before the crash and what the ship looked like after the ship was found on the ocean floor.

My little guy couldn't get over how cool the ship looked. With all the details of the engines, windows, etc. It all looked like the real "RMS TITANIC". We also walked to the coolest area yet. The replica of what the famous iceberg looked like and we got to even touch it. The kids thought it was pretty amazing how big the ice berg looked and it was cold too.


June 23, 2018 - January 11, 2019 (Until July 31)

DAILY 10am-9pm. Last entry 8:30pm.

August 1 - January 11

DAILY 10am-6pm. Last entry 5:30pm.

Daily RATES for the EXHIBIT

Adult: $17.95

Senior (65+): $15.95

Student (with ID): $13.95

Youth (5-12): $13.95

Children under 5 years: free

(Tickets are subject to GST)


Lipont Place4211 No.3 Road, Richmond BC Canada V6X 2C3

Public Transit:Skytrain Canada Line Aberdeen station

Parking:200 on-site parking spaces

Thank you so much for reading along and checking out our adventure through the TITANIC Exhibit. What are some fun exhibits that you have gone to?

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