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REVIEW: Cultus Lake Water Park

To say Cultus Lake Water Park left an amazing impression is an understatement. Believe or not we have lived here in BC a little shy of 6 years and haven't really done much exploring. But we couldn't pass up this amazing partnership with Cultus Lake Water Park and Vancouver Moms. The kids were so excited they literally woke up at the crack of dawn to leave for the water park LOL.

The first order of business was this amazing Pirate themed kids water area. It had 3 different levels of water slides to choose from. Base from your child's comfort level, each slide was slightly different, which is pretty awesome. And I think the best part parents were allowed on the kids area, especially when my little guy got quite apprehensive about going on at first, my hubs jumped right in there and they went down the slide together.

Once both kiddos got a hang of the kids area, they were running around go up and down onto the slide over and over, we must of spent at least an hour in this section. And if your kiddos are little more weary of going on the longer slides, they can go on the little toddler slides as the pictures above. It was a sweet little boat slide right next to this pirate theme water area.

This park as so many different areas to explore. The park has 11 amazing adult water slides to explore. I mean they had one called "Tubular Terror" that looked absolutely amazing and dang scary. The water park also has hot tubs scattered throughout the theme park, as well as bathroom/changing facilities at both ends of the park.

A little INFO about the theme park:


- BBQ rental $10 per hour ($10 deposit)

- Lockers $5 ($5 deposit)

- Life jackets are free of charge


Full Day Pass

48" and above $30.48

Under 48" $20.96

Seniors 60 yrs and older $20.96


EVERYDAY 10 AM - 6:30

We also explored the little kids pool and it was another favourite. It was right up my little guy's alley since there was no spraying water so he was all in, running through the water and exploring the little slides. Its definitely a great area for babies and toddlers to explore, with the calm waters, little stairs and slides its safe for the little ones to explore.

We are definitely plan on going back. This park made fans outta two little people. My kiddos talk about this place all the time. What are some fun activites that you and your family have planned or on your bucket list?

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