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Save your MORNINGS

Hard to believe but summer has flown by so fast. In a matter of weeks school will be back in session. If your feeling frazzled welcome to the club. I am so not looking forward to the crazy morning dash to get everyone out the door. But throughout this summer, we have tried to maintain a normal routine for the kiddos and that includes keeping our morning stress free.

We will be sharing some awesome strategies to get you and your kiddos out the door. And sure I have days that the only thing that worked was either bribery or me saying "That's it! I'm going to call Daddy" I know know..... sometimes I have to resort to pulling the I will call Daddy card LOL.

Strategies to outsmarting those toddlers and preschoolers

1. Get up Early

Like way earlier than you need to because these toddlers they never go according to your plans. Try to set up 2 alarms just in case you missed the first one. Now is the time to get up before anyone else and get yourself situated which in my case means turn on the espresso machine. I cannot function without my morning coffee. (Side note: I make mine cold right from the start. I add ice, my coffee creamer, caramel extract and sugar... so no need for reheating your coffee 50 million times right)

2. Prepare Breakfast for the ROAD

Yup you heard that right. Make waffles, french toast, yogurt parfait, etc anything that is easily portable and easy to eat on the go. This saves the fight of trying to get your kiddos to sit still and eat their breakfast. Saves a lot of time having the kiddos eat their breakfast in the car while you get to your first destination.


I have forgotten mine at home before and it was the worst ever. It took us twice as long to get anywhere. So do yourself the biggest favour and pack your stroller in the night before so you won't forget it and saves you time in the morning of having to pack the stroller into the car. Or mommas of 2 or more, bringing those nifty foldable wagons from Costco is also a lifesaver, popping two kiddos in the wagon while you walk over to your destination.


As I make my morning coffee, I usually make another one and place in my thermos. This saves so much time since your already making one cup for the morning rush, making a second one at the same time such a time saver.

5. DON'T forget to relax

Not all plans alwakys go the way you want them to. So if your not expecting too much you won't be disappointed.

What are some time saving strategies that have really helped your morning routine???? Thanks so much for reading along.

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