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MOM: Migraines

The past 6 months have been a lot of doctor visits and tests. It's been hard dealing with Migraines to the point I couldn't even function. Especially being a full time working mama and doing solo mamahood the majority of the time you can say its been absolutely hard but we have gotten through it. But as this journey has gone by I have really learned some things that have helped with migraines, and if it affects you as well please keep reading along of some tricks that have really helped.

And P.S. after going through the trials of finding out what's wrong with me, learning these astonishing statistics is incredible. Did you know that migraines affect up to three times as many women as men and are most prevalent in our 30s and 40s—prime parenting years. In fact, more than one in four women in her 30s experiences migraines. Its pretty scary as how migraines can affect your daily activities and how detrimental it is to your life as a family.

Being a mama of two kids there have been days that were rough, going to work and coming home to do all the MOM things, add in the migraines and its crazy. I wanted to talk about this since migraines affect so many of us but no one really talks about it. And know that your not alone, dealing with migraines is hard. My first tip is TO FIND YOUR TRIGGERS. Honestly keep track of when you feel migraines coming on, is it when your outside with the bright sun, is it inside after you have been running around cleaning??? Keep track of when the migraines come on and you can figure out the pattern. Now for me I found that my migraines come on more throughout the day if I hadn't had a good nights sleep or haven't eaten full meals. And the episodes of migraines come on strong. So I try to make a mental note if I hadn't had a good nights sleep, to have down time or a nap if I can.

Some migraine triggers can range from:

- barometric pressure changes

- dietary changes

- irregular sleep

- irregular eating

- Episodes of stress

Another major game changer for me is to ADJUST YOUR DAY... if you find no sleep is a major source of your migraine trigger, change that, set a daily reminder of when to wind down for the night to get maximum sleep. Adjusting your habits take time, but following through with your goals to prevent the migraines is key to keeping them at bay.

Simple things to change your day:

- Drink more water. A Swedish study shows stating hydrated reduces migraines immensly

- Exercise helps as well. It gets the blood flowing in your body

And if you have been dealing with migraines for long as i have if not longer. I found the only thing that helped was to have a mixture of taking advil and tylenol, I am no doctor so please remember to talk to your doctor before you start taking medication for migraines. This is only what has helped me, which is Tylenol (for pain relief) and advil (anti-inflammatory), I found these two in conjunction with one another has helped.

My last tip is to HAVE A MIGRAINE KIT.... filled with your medication, water bottle, heat/ice pack, peppermint oil and of course fun activities for your kiddos while your bout of migraine subsides. My kids love this basket because it has special fun things they don't normally get to play with. I also usually have a couple batches of pre-made frozen meals, just in case I get an episode of migraines, there is still food for everyone. I also have snacks at my kids level if they want to have a nibble on something. And remember mommas, motherhood is hard and some days will be easy and some days will be hard, but your so strong and will get through it.

You've got this mommas.... Thank you so much for reading.

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