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DIY: Back to School

I cannot get over how fast this summer flew by and poof we are almost back to school already. I'm sharing a fun little DIY Sign we did for Back to School. This year we have two milestones going in our house, my first baby is going to grade 3 can you believe that I am a mama of a third grader and my little boy will be going to Preschool this year for the first time (cue the sad tears and anxiety).

But onto the DIY part, before I get into a puddle of tears as I think both my babies will be off to school this September. This is a pretty easy peasy DIY. We got this awesome wooden picture frame from our local dollar tree. I painted the frame with white paint becuase I didn't like the natural wood colour with the black chalk board.


- Chalk board paint

- sponge or paint brush

- picture frame

- and container for the paint to go into


1. Take apart the picture frame, measure out a cardboard as the same size as the frame.

- Pour out the chalkboard paint and start painting the cardboard

- Let the chalk board paint dry and do up 3 coats of chalkboard paint

- Let dry over night and write the special school sign you would like

Thank you so much for reading along. We will definitely continue this fun tradition of taking their first day of school photos. It was so fun.

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