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MOM: Meal Hacks

When you're busy and really have no time to think about a meal to prepare, have all the ingredients available and prepare it all. Thank goodness for Fresh Prep Vancouver to save the day. They sent me some yummy meals to try out. We got two delicious organic and farm fresh ingredients.

The best part about the meal service delivery, all the ingredients are prepped for you, they come in vacuum sealed pouches and containers. We tried a yummy Thanksgiving sandwich and a salmon filet bake. Both were so good and so easy to follow the recipe. So many benefits from this meal service, delivered weekly to your doorstep, you also have the option to skip meals or pause the service if your travelling, and the best part the meals are gourmet and ready in 20 minutes or less.

A little tip.... I have mine delivered on Sunday evenings so that I'm ready for the work week. It takes 2 meals to prepare off my list. Now on the site you have an option to pick which meal system works best. You can choose from 2, 3 or 4 meals per week.

Fresh Prep helps busy people like you create world-class dinners in minutes with prepared recipe ingredients delivered weekly to your door.

No grocery shopping. Zero prep required. And P.S. use our promo code INFMAMAIND18 and get an awesome discount on your order. I also cannot forget to mention that the meals are handpicked by you. You have the power to choose which meals you wanna try out, if you need to pause the service or if you'd like an extra meal for the week.

I also wanted to share some meal hacks that really saved the day besides using this awesome meal delivery service.....



If you're like me and need that 30 minutes of quiet to get the meal going, and lets be honest those 30 minutes are crazy, its right before bath time, everyone is cranky from a long day and they just wanna eat. Use this time to give them some screen time, whether that be letting them use the leap pad or ipad to watch a show or play a game, these devices will be your BEST FRIEND.


2 for 1 MEALS

This is the BIGGEST helper for me. Cooking a bigger batch for first night and revamp the ingredients for a second night meal. Like the meals above I cooked the 2 large filets of salmon but the kiddos only ate 1 filet between the two of them so on the second night I made salmon mini burgers and used the lemon with some mayo in the sandwich with a side of string beans and voila second night meal done.... I'd say that's a MOMWIN.



Seriously if you haven't use kitchen shears for everything you haven't lived LOL. I use my kitchen shears for everything from cutting crust off bread, cutting up pieces of waffles to cutting up chicken into bite size pieces. The kitchen shears will seriously save you from havin to bring out the cutting board and knife. And best part not much mess. Another amazing kitchen gadget the RICE cooker, sorta like the asian version of the crock pot LOL. I have used my rice cooker for more than just cooking rice, I have cooked whole eggs, sanitized baby bottles when my kiddos were smaller, you name it I have tried it in the rice cooker.



Use those EZPZ or 3/4 section meal plates to make sure that all the foods aren't touching each other.... come on you know those picky eaters, if the foods are touching the world is over right. And not only does it help the kiddos eat, but it helps us MOMMAS to make sure we get all food groups on the plate. And bonus most of these sectional meal plates come with suction bottoms to avoid those yucky dinner messes.



The best hidden secret. If your kiddo loves carrots but hates squash, try roasting the two together with some oil, salt and pepper. Roasting it helps the squash sugars come out and make it sweeter and bonus the two veggies have similar colours so your kiddo will have no idea which veggie they are eating. the key is use one veggie that they love and adding another veggie in the same colour family that your kiddo really doesn't love. And try throwing in their favourite dip because dang it having a dip with veggies is the best.

How yummy do these meals look. I love that FRESH PREP have so many options of meals to choose from and meals that I may not necessarily choose myself if I were to go to the grocery store and pick out ingredients to cook. Dont' FORGET use our PROMO CODE ....INFMAMAIND1..... for an awesome discount.

I hope some of those HACKS ABOVE helped.... Please comment below and let me know if any of these hacks helped. What are some awesome HACKS that have saved your meal time?????

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