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MOM: Cold and Flu Season

Every year when the season starts to change and that cold nip gets in the air, usually in our household someone always starts catching a cold. Especially with both kiddos in school there’s double the germs to fight off.

Not only do the kids bring home germs from school. So do I LOL.... Being a teacher for the past 11 years, I have seen it all. Even after years of being a teacher. I have built up quite an immune to colds and flu. I still catch that occasional bug, which is why I always use a humidifier all year round. I know what your thinking.... why do you use a humidifier all year round? Now let me explain, both of kids were preemies, especially my little girl who has severe life-threatening allergies and asthma. I always try to keep the air in my kid’s room moist so that they both have an easier time breathing and that the air contains enough moisture to prevent dry throats and nasal passages.

In the winter, we use the Vicks® Warm Steam Vaporizer. It keeps the room moist and somewhat warm. We love all the benefits the humidifier offers, such as preventing dry skin (amazing if your child is prone to eczema), dry coughs, sore throat, stuffy noses, viruses, promotes better sleep and prevents nosebleeds.

According to studies, keeping the humidity in your home between the levels of 40-60% actually reduces the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air.

Now in the summer, we use the Vicks® Cold Mist Humidifier. It does the same thing a warm humidifier does except emit any warm air, but still maintains the humidity in the air. You can use either a cool mist or a warm mist humidifier as they both have the same benefits – selecting one is just up to your personal preference.

Another terrible part about the cold weather is the colds/flu brings along. If your kiddos get fevers as well this Braun ThermoScan7® Age Precision Thermometer is amazing with its professional accuracy when taking your kiddos temperature.

There are some awesome features on this thermometer. You can adjust the settings according to your child’s age range, from newborns to little kids and even adults.

The Age Precision technology helps parents interpret their child’s temperature according to their age, which takes the guesswork out of interpreting if your child indeed as a fever or not. Especially when your child is not feeling well, having this Braun ThermoScan 7® Age Precision thermometer takes out agitation of figuring out where on the internal body temperature is normal, if they have a fever, if the temperature that is registering on the thermometer is accurate for your child’s age.

You can check your child’s temperature in three easy steps.

1. Set your child’s age with the Age Precision button.

2. Take their temperature

3. The colour-coded fever indicator helps you interpret and understand the results

This post is sponsored by Braun Thermometer and Vicks Humidifiers, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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