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DIY: Boho tree Ornaments

Christmas is hands-down one of my favourite holidays so of course I tried out some DIYs, to see how it would turn out and this one has got to be my top fave. This DIY comes together with a few items and looks so beautiful on the Christmas tree. Be on the lookout as we'll be sharing a few easy holiday DIYs in the upcoming days.

For this DIY project, you'll need clear plastic ornaments (I found mine on amazon, just search up clear tree ornaments and a bunch will pop up), dried leaves, and scissors. The easiest Christmas DIY ever.

Dependent on how you like the ornament to look, you can cut the leaves/flowers as big or little as you like and fill each half of the clear ornament with dried leaves/flowers.

Once filled to your liking, close up the ornament and put a little bit of clear tape at the bottom to seal the two sides of the ornament together. Tie the top with some macrame or yarn and hang it on the tree. Trust me easiest DIY ever.

If you give this DIY a try I'd love to see how it turns out.

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