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DIY: Boho yarn ornaments

Coming in with another super easy Christmas ornament. This one comes together in no time and looks absolutely beautiful on the tree. Now I do want to prefix that the macrame one did take a bit longer because you do have to brush out the threading to get the full volume. But as you can see the yarn looked just as beautiful and came together way faster.

Follow the steps above and it'll come out so beautiful. But if you're doing the yarn version instead of macrame you can skip step 2.

Items you'll need:

- yarn

- macrame

- scissors

- clear tape

- beads of different sizes (amazon has a great selection)

Once everything is tied together you'll need to trim the bottom to make it all uniform. A great tip use clear tape and wind it around the top of the yarn to thread through the beads it makes it a lot easier to do.

I hope you give this one a try. Super easy and makes the tree look so nice.

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