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DIY: how to make pompoms

As we continue on our DIY Holiday series. I'm sharing this super easy one- How to make pom poms. I'm going to share three ways you can make them, two options that you can use for everyday household items.

First up is using a square piece of cardboard. Using your choice of yarn, my recommendation if you're wanting to make a pompom garland or wreath in a monochromatic colour, use different textures of yarn to make a beautiful effect.

The two household items I mentioned is toilet paper roll or cardboard. These are great options to if you can't find the pompom maker. Just wrap a large amount of yarn around the toilet paper roll or cardboard.

The toilet paper roll is the same effect. Instead of cardboard use the toilet paper roll and follow the same steps as above.

And the pompom maker I found on Amazon is pretty great. It makes a super tight pompom. which you can achieve with the cardboard (just make sure the cardboard is smaller and wrap the yarn as tightly as possible.

Hopefully, these pompom tutorials help and I hope you give them a try. I'll be sharing more of what I used these pompoms for. Be on the lookout for the next DIY.

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