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Home School Fun

These past few months have been quite an adventure to say the least. Being stuck inside I had to get creative with fun things to do with the kiddos. Below I'll be sharing some fun things we did as well as a list of other fun ideas I found during my research of activities to do at home.

If your new here, I was teacher for the past 11 years I was teacher, so I am quite familiar with educational activities to do, but honestly being at home with three kids I ended going into my old vault of teaching things and remembered this awesome fun activity to do to get my little guy better at spelling.

Its a great way for kiddos to learn how to write and read. Just like adults, some of us learn visually and some learn by actually doing it. This fun Spelling chart does just that. We start off with the top portion where it says read it, this is where you can draw up tonnes of different words you want your kiddo to learn how to read and place it in this section. You can help them sound it out, read each letter together and eventually through repetition your kiddo will get it. And you'll note in the second section it says write it, this section your kiddo can practice writing the word out. And the last section says make it, its such a fun section, you can use play dough, q tips, etc and the kiddos can make the word out using the materials provided. A great tip, if you have a laminating machine, definitely laminate this and you can use it over and over again. Here's a pdf print out of the chart.


  1. Shape Hunt - scavenger hunts are always a hit with the kiddos and turning it into an educational one is super easy. You can make a list of shapes for the kiddos to find outside. You can find hundreds of free pdf print out of shape scavenger hunts. And it doesn't have to stop there, it doesn't have to be shapes, it could ABC's, numbers, etc.

  2. How high/low?? - getting outside is always a good idea especially being stuck inside during this whole quarantine was hard. We would venture in our backyard or little trail/duck pond near our house (that rarely had anyone else there). We would do a game of how high/low.... We would bring pencils, paper and measuring tape with us. We'd point at different things, each write down our guess of high/low it is and the kiddos would take turns using the measuring tape to see the actual measurements were.

  3. Freeze Dance Rhyme Time - This is a super fun body moving educational game. Similar to the dance freeze game when the music stops, but instead of finding a seat, I would shout a word and the kiddos would need to shout out a word that rhymes with the word I just announced.

  4. Move it - Using a timer, I would do different dance moves or sequence of body movements for the kiddos to copy. They would need to do what I did before the timer goes off. You can also had fun props such as scarves, balloons, etc. The list of items to add to the fun are endless.

Fun educational activities don't have to be boring. I hope these ideas help you. What are some fun things you do at home???

Thank you so much for sticking around with our little family


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