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Pregnancy Skin care Routine

This pregnancy has been crazy just like my previous ones, especially on my skin. With my little girl my skin was super oily, with my little guy I broke out the whole time right up till I delivered him. And now with this baby girl, my skin is so dry like the desert. I've tried different things this time around and found some great things to work.

My routine varies depending on how my skin feels but essentially all the products I'll be sharing I use daily. But the constant is moisturizing and trying to get as much hydration into my skin as possible.

With my skincare routine I have switched over to mostly all natural ingredients. I find these ones work best for me. My one can't live without item would have to be the Derma E Vitamin-c hyaluronic serum. This little gem is concentrated serum helps to boost collagen production, minimize fine lines/wrinkles and improving uneven skin tone. And of course hyaluroinc acid is incredibly moisturizing and vitamin c protects the skin from the enivronmental stress.

The next fave is the Attitude Living sunscreen, I use this year round. Sun safety is so important and huge portion of healthy skin and keeping discolouration and sun spots away. I love that this line uses only natural ingredients, began, free of all the yucky ingredients and EWG certified.

Now this one is a huge part of my skincare line, the teami Blend soothe facial oil. This oil is infused with so many awesome essential oils such as lavender, sage and blue tansy to provide the skin with a deep hyrdating soothing sensation. P.S. use our special promo code MAMAMAI25 for an incredible 25% off your order of $39 or more.

This Derma E citrus peel is incredible. When my skin is feeling extra sensitive, I put this baby on and take a couple of minutes to sit back and relax and let the peel do its thing. This peel has chalkfull of radiance boosting alpha hyrdoxy acid to resurface the skin.

And lastly but not least this glow oil is amazing. This line is also all natural to help with uneven skin tone with ingredients such as aloe to brighten and have that ‘lit-from-within’ glow.

I just love this jade roller, I was sent it about a month ago and its seriously sooooo good. I put it in the fridge for a few minutes before I use it and it totally gets rid of any puffiness. This Michael Todd Cleansing brush is my ride or die. I have used this baby for a over a year and its still going strong. Anytime my skin feels funny this cleansing brush gets rid of all the gunk. This body Shop cleanser does an incredible job of keeping any skin acne and irritation at bay. The only non natural think in my skincare routine is this St.Ives exfoliator, I just haven't been able to find a good exfoliator. So if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear about it.

I'm always on a hunt for new all natural skin items, so if you have any ride or die incredible skincare products I'd love to hear about them.

Thank you so much for reading along. This post is not sponsored all these products I'm sharing are my holy grail faves.


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