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RECIPE: Chao Ga (Vietnamese Porridge)

We've been sick since last week and this flu was just awful. The kiddos and I could barely eat anything. The only thing that helped was Chao Ga (vietnamese porridge) I remember growing up anytime any of us got sick my mom made this. So this recipe is so special to me and brings so many fond memories from my childhood.

This soup is so great and has all the yummy nutrient rich foods to help you recover from a cold. We hope you all give this super easy recipe a try.

One thing I will say is that its a one pot meal so its great to make when your feeling sick and just want something filling and yummy. P.S. being a single mom and sick with the kiddos can be hands-down the hardest thing ever. I'm pretty much the one with the lingering symptoms because without any sleep and caring for my kiddos my body has taken a beating but this porridge absolutely helped when I couldn't even think of getting up to cook.


3-4 chicken thighs

2 ounce of ginger (peeled)

1 whole onion (peeled)

8 cups water (enough to cover

chicken and ingredients)

2 tablespoon chicken bouillon

2 teaspoon salt

¾ cup uncooked jasmine rice

sprigs of scallion (garnish)


1. Place skillet on stove at high heat. Place peeled and sliced onions and ginger on skillet. Char the ingredients till golden.

2. Add the chicken, onion, ginger, salt and chicken bouillon to pot. Fill pot with enough water to cover ingredients. Boil on high heat. Once simmering, turn the heat to medium low and let simmer for 30 minutes. (Skim any scum off the top of the


3. Remove chicken. Set aside. Wash rice for about 20 seconds. Add the rice to pot. Simmer to mixture for about another 25 minutes or until rice has fully cooked and expanded.

4. Shred chicken into bite sized pieces. Add the shredded chicken back into pot. Let mixture combine for another 10 minutes.

5. Serve chao in a bowl garnish with scallions. You can also garnish with fish seasoning sauce or fried shallots.

What are some of your go to meals to make when your sick. Comment below we'd love to hear all the yummy recipes to try. As always thank you so much for checking out our blog. P.S. we'll also have the PDF print out for this recipe available here.


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