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REVIEW: Speech Blub App

We had the opportunity to test out this awesome App called "Speech Blub" and we are thoroughly impressed. I wished we knew about this app earlier because it would of helped my little guy be more prepared for kindergarten.

The app starts with a 5 minute questionnaire about your child so the app can best suit your child's needs regarding how you can help your child reach their milestones and needs. I mean that's pretty awesome to tailor the app to each child according to where they are developmentally.

As a teacher for over 11 years, this app is great for children that have speech delays, autism or are just particularly quiet. This helps build their confidence when it comes to having to communicate with people outside of family members.

The app has so many different activities to develop your child's vocabulary and developmental stages. You'll find themes from numbers, shapes, colours, to songs and nursery rhymes, etc.... countless hours to learning for your child. Besides fun activities to help with sounding out words, your child will get to develop word recognition, sing along to songs and learn about words to express their emotions.

This incredible app is also voice activated, has a set reminder so that you and your child knows its time to go and practice on the app. The key to helping your child develop with their speech is consistency, the more they practice the more develop with language will grow. The interactive activities make it fun for your child, when you tap different themed areas, a face of a child model will pop up and starts starts saying words, sounding it out as they go and your child to repeat the words.

As parents we all want our children to be ready for school and this app has come in handy to help my little guy with sounding out his words and making him so much more confident. Whether your child has been diagnosed or not, this is a great learning app to reinforce language development.

Thank you so much for reading along. I'd love to hear what are some of your favourite learning apps.

P.S. this a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.


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