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Sensory Play

During summer break, we had an awesome partnership with play-doh to try out their two cool playsets, the Grill ‘n Stamp and Rise ‘n Surprise Playset. We do structured and unstructured activities throughout the day. They love any kind of sensory activity so I knew for sure Play-Doh would be a huge hit.

I surprised the kiddos with the cool Play-Doh Grill ‘n Stamp playset. They had so much fun exploring the set working on #playdoh hot dogs, hamburgers, and kebabs. My oldest loved making all the little Play-Doh toppings. She worked so hard on each piece. Making sure each piece fits perfectly onto the pretend hamburgers and hot dogs. Meanwhile, my little boy was busy searing all the pretend hamburgers and sausages with the Play-Doh stamper. They loved working together and making a pretty awesome pretend BBQ meal. Watching them work together and sharing creative ideas with one another is pretty rewarding.​

If you're looking for a great set that'll keep your kiddos busy check out the Play DohGrill 'n Stamp playset or the many other pretty awesome sets to choose from – link in bio to shop at Walmart!

The second Play-Doh set was my oldest absolute favourite. After breakfast one morning the kiddos finally got to open the Rise ‘n Surprise Cake playset. Even the baby got involved in making cakes. My little guy was so excited to test out the pretend oven.

This pretend oven is pretty neat, it makes #playdoh cakes just by pushing down the lever and once you hear the bell ring, your creation is ready to be taken out of the oven. Another cool feature: the Play-Doh cake interior can be filled with another Play-Doh colour, like a cool surprise when you cut it open. My kiddos literally worked on this set for well over an hour making a whole pretend dessert table of goodies! ​


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