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Spring Clean with me

Something about spring in the air that makes it feel like a fresh start. If you don't know our backstory. Almost 2 years ago I became a single mom and now that everything is finalized. I've been making lots of changes starting with moving and looking for a new fresh start for me and my kiddos.

I've been slowly purging getting rid of all the old stuff and getting new items for our house. The first thing we did was put things into categories of things we wanted to keep, throw out or donate.

Once we had organized all the things. We threw out all the items that couldn't be donated and brought everything to our local value village. It honestly felt so good to get rid of all the stuff we didn't need. Living mininally is the key (it also helps declutter my brain too LOL)

Here are some great places to start when your thinking of places to tackle...

- plants in the home

- kids toys/room

- backyard/patio area (i.e. furniture)

- go room by room

If your feeling overwhelmed start out small. You can tackle that crazy counter space that's been collecting items all month long, or that junk draws you've been avoiding. Once you start cleaning out the smaller spaces, the bigger ones won't seem so daunting.

Some more easy decluttering tips:

- Give yourself 5 minutes every day, cleaning little areas

- Donate clothes you never wear

- Jot down a decluttering checklist, having the physical list in front of you will be helpful as you check off each item you've accomplished

- Ask friends for help if the area your planning on cleaning/decluttering is a big space

I also started weekly meal planning (Check out our resource library for free printouts) as well which has been huge of not wasting food and perishable items. This brings me to decluttering the fridge. Try this challenge no grocery shopping for a week and try to eat and clean out all the food/perishable items in your home and start from scratch. Once you've cleaned out the pantry and fridge you'll see what you exactly need and what you can throw out. (P.S. I've also been using green/organic products in our house and if you've been looking for a great all-purpose cleaner I highly recommend the Nature Clean line)

Once you tackle the decluttering the cleaning is next up. Like I mentioned I've been using natural safe products, especially with a baby in the house touching everything and putting stuff into her mouth, having toxic free cleaners is so important. I also have a free printable of a cleaning schedule that you can also change to your specific needs in our resource library. Another untapped resource are having your kiddos jump into the cleaning. And trust me they'll enjoy it. My kids love vaccuming so much so they each take turns vacumming areas in the house. I actually have a chore chart for my kiddos. Once they've accomplished all their tasks for the week. They each get a prize of their choice such as playing video games, ipad privilages, etc. Its a great way to teach responsibility and caring for the space you live in.

Continuing with the kids trend (LOL).... besides the chore charts and natural cleaning products used in our home. I have put things in place to help keep us organized and keep my sanity. I have a landing zone right at our front door entry way. Ever since covid started I've created a sanitze section. Their jackets and backpacks go into wicker basket to be sprayed with fabric sanitizer, their face maks go into a sterilizer machine (we have one from coral UV that we use to sterilize everything) the kiddos lunches are all emptied into the sink and their lunch bags are sprayed with fabric sanitizer as well, and lastly their schools clothes are thrown into the laundry. This little clean section my kiddos call it is a great way to keep everything organized. We also have a catch-all basket at the bottom of our stairs that the kiddos know to pick up each night and to put the items away that have been thrown all over the house.

I hope some of these spring cleaning tips help.

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