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What's In My Hospital Bag

I cannot believe we're finally at the home stretch of this pregnancy. I got the bags packed and ready to go and sharing some items that I have already to go. I have a free printable PDF of the hospital bag checklist. Or if your crazy like I have a paper copy and a copy on my phone to add last minute things I forgot.

But seriously we are so close I have been having contractions on and off for the past week and I'm already 4cm dilated so its not too long before baby girl gets here.


I'm using an old duffle bag I used when I packed my hospital bag when we're having my little guy. But a rolly bag or any medium sized bag would do. I'm packing really light this time.


I have some outfits this time, two loose fitting easy access shirts for breastfeeding, some socks, nursing bras, big underwear (because I'm having a c-section), a loose fitting dress, a cardigan just in case its a bit cold out, maternity leggings, sandals and of course some comfy slippers.


I'm really low maintenance. Besides the main items such as toothpaste and toothbrush. I have some moisturizing lotion, deodorant, hair brush, hair ties and of course some pads. Although our hospital does provide sanitary pads, I'm must bringing some in case. Also since I am having a planned c-section, I plan on washing my hair the morning of the surgery and depending on how I'm feeling while at the hospital I may or may not wash my hair but if I do I'll just get my hubby to bring some shampoo stuff for me.


Again I'm super low maintenance so I'm just bringing some tinted moisturizer, eyebrow gel, some blush and a makeup brush that's it. As for skincare I'm just throwing it in here LOL. I have my face wash, facial oil, sunscreen, vitamin c serum and jade facial roller to help with puffiness after birth.


I have a whole post dedicated to what's in baby girl's Diaper bag. But the essentials I'll have such as her going home outfits, swaddle blankets, all natural baby bum cream, organic baby wash, diapers and wipes. Although I know our hospital does provide us with diapers and wipes, I just want to have extras just in case.


My husband is super easy going, so I'll bring him some t-shirts, a sweater, some basketball shorts, socks, and jammies. But he'll probably be in and out depending on the childcare situation with our two older kiddos. Of course all this toiletries will be packed with mine such as toothpaste and toothbrush.


1. Multi use Cover.... I will be packing my awesome Tiny Miracle multi use cover for baby girl's car seat

2. Extra long phone charger cord

3. Snacks for my hubby since I am not allowed to eat anything before the c-section

4. And of course the camera

Thank you so much for reading along what are some of your hospital bag essentials.


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