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Uppa Baby Vista Stroller Review

I have this stroller for a long time and its endured all sorts of weather. We used it in the East coast where it rained and snowed, but please keep in mind that it didn't bode to well for the heavy snow, the tires couldn't quite get through all the snow. During those blizzards I either stayed inside or used my baby jogger instead, because the wheels on the jogger are substantially bigger to get through the snow. Now that we live in the West coast in beautiful British Colombia weather it's even better. And after two kids this stroller is still going strong. And what's great about this stroller is that all the pieces can be replaced without having to buy an entirely new stroller. I have replaced the sunshade twice, the rumble seat's fabric has been replaced once and believe it or not the wheels haven't need any replacement so far even after 4 years of use.

Please take note that this Vista system doesn't come with a car seat doesn't come with the system, but you can buy it separately and the car seat adapter as well. I actually used just the bassinet in this system and got the maxi cosi car seat instead. I love that this stroller system came with the bassinet. I always noticed the first time around I kept my daughter it he car seat during our outdoor excursions and she wasn't comfortable especially falling asleep in the sitting position. With the bassinet little babe is able to lay down flat and move around to feel comfy.

Another great feature is that the stroller can convert to a two passenger. All you'd need is to get the rumble seat and adapters to add on the second seat. Or if you have more than two kiddos, you can add on the piggy back attachment. This is the awesome thing about this stroller, you have the flexibility to add so many accessories or give new to the canopy, wheels, or fabric on the seat, so no need for an entirely new stroller.

Lastly I wanted to mention that since using this stroller I don't hang my diaper bag on the handle bars because from my experience regardless of the diaper bag you have whether it's a backpack, cross body or even the diaper bags that have stroller clips the bag will not stay put on the handle it'll completely slide down the handle bars. I tend to either carry my diaper bag or just use the skip hop clutch and place all the baby necessitites I'd need or use my grab and go stroller organizer and place my important things there. Just a tip you really don't want to put your heavy diaper bag in the basket of the stroller because the basket is amazing don't get me wrong, but it'll sag pretty low to the ground from the heavy diaper bag and pretty much ruin the stroller basket.

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