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momtalkmondays: all things strollers

Having three kiddos I've tested out many many strollers throughout the years and I'm sharing some of our favourites with you and some things to look for when searching for that perfect stroller for your family.

First things first write down your must haves when it comes to features you'd like to have. Keep things in mind like if you're looking for a double stroller, if you live in an urban area that has lots of different terrain, if the country you live in has lots of snow, etc. These are key things to keep in mind when looking for a stroller. Once you have those things down, the rest is pretty easy when buying a stroller.

For example when I had my first baby we lived in Toronto where during the colder months, it snows a lot, which is why I was searching for a stroller I made sure to look for strollers with large wheel to get through the snow and the canopy was large to keep my daughter covered and warm. To currently now with my last baby we live in Vancouver where it doesn't snow often but rains quite a bit so again finding a stroller with a large canopy coverage, good all terrain tires, because if you don't know, a lot of cities here have hills lots of hills LOL. A great option if you live in a place that has lots of hills is this incredible electric stroller, I know the price tag for this one is a bit higher than some of the luxurious strollers out there but if you live somewhere that has a lot of steep hills, this one will save you big time. My stroller is from Cybex called the e-priam and with a flick of a switch at the back foot rest the electricity turns on and with the sensors on the handle bars the electricity kicks in.

But my only pet-peeve with these luxurious strollers are all the accessories are an added cost. If you need cup holders or snack trays its an added cost so those are some things to keep in mind when you're thinking of purchasing a more expensive stroller.

When it comes to accessories for strollers, my two essential ones are the weather shield to protect baby from the elements such as rain and snow. I got a baby bunting bag when you kids were newborns and toddler sized ones as they got bigger. I'm telling you these stroller bunting bags are awesome, because like traditional blankets, these bunting bags zip up, so you won't loose the blanket it suddenly falls of, and the latest bunting bags nowadays are usually insulated and even waterproof.

So a little breakdown checklist when your searching for a stroller. Think about the type of stroller you want.

There are six basic types of strollers:

Full-sized stroller

Lightweight or umbrella stroller

Jogging stroller

Double stroller

Car seat carrier

Travel system

The Full size option works from when your baby is a newborn right up till their preschoolers. Some great full size options are brands such as Evenflo, Graco or Maxi-Cosi. Unlike the luxurious strollers like Bugaboo, Uppababy or Baby Jogger, that are also full size strollers, as mentioned all if not most of the accessories are all at an extra cost unlike the brands mentioned above come fully stocked with accessories at no extra cost.

Full size strollers benefits:

Wide, comfortable, well-padded seat

Large basket for storage

expandable canopies

included accessories such as snack trays and cup holders

Deep seat recline

Option to mount the seat forward-facing or rear-facing

Car seat attachments

Sturdy tires with decent suspension to absorb shock

Telescoping handlebars

Jogging Strollers are my absolute fave. And basically has a lot of the features a full size stroller has except the jogging stroller has three wheels that great for on the go active parents. Or like in my case the weather is a huge factor which is why I love a jogging stroller for the great large wheels and shock absorbtion.

Jogging stroller benefits:

Incredible shock absorbtion

Large wheels for all terrain

Front wheels that can swivel or stay locked in fixed position

Some have car seat attachments

telescopic handlebars, with running straps

five point harness for baby

Travel system is the best one thats bang for you buck. My first ever stroller was actually a jogging stroller travel system. So it came with a car seat and attachments which was great so I didn't have to buy anything extra which is great for first time parents.

Travel system benefits:

Same features as full sized strollers, but also comes with a car seat

Easy-to-connect travel system pairs together an infant car seat and stroller

Having an infant car seat that connects to your stroller with an adapter (usually built in) means you can move your sleeping baby from the car to the stroller without waking baby up

Things to remember when buying a stroller:

Where will you use it?

Is it newborn friendly?

How long do you plan to use it?

How easy is it to use?

How easy is it to fold and unfold?

How heavy is it?

Do you need more than one?

Helpful features to look for in a stroller:

Safety features

Quality wheels

Large canopy


Washable fabric


And other factors to weigh in:



Family size

I hope this helps you when it comes for researching and buying the perfect stroller for your little family. Again thank you as always for being here apart of our little family.


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