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REVIEW: PopOhver Play

This easy peasy kitchen set up has been a dream to put together for my kiddos to explore. They have been playing with this set for hours on end. They love making up their own menu and cooking a meal for everyone. And especially with the easy set up. I love this one way more than the traditional play kitchen set that you'd have to buy and the endless hours of setting it up.

I mean literally, you would need to chairs and and slip these amazing covers over and voila you got yourself the most awesome little play kitchen. The set comes with easy to follow instructions... I mean my kiddos jumped in to help and it was so easy for them to put together.

How sweet is this counter top set. It has a sweet little toaster, that has a special pocket to put toast into, the blender has a clear vinyl slip that the kiddos pretend to put fruit into to make smoothies. Its hours of endless creations. Below you will see a close up shot of the blender and toaster,

This stove has made so many meals I tell ya. I got breakfast in bed the other morning. They made me eggs and bacon with toast and a yummy mango smoothie. This little kitchen has definitely made their imagination work on overdrive, making different meal combinations. And the best part of this stove top set, the microwave and oven (picture below) are both magnetized and open up with little pockets that the kiddos can put food into.

Here she is cooking up a storm. The popOhver team have really done a incredible job with all the details. Such as the special buttons as the dials to turn on the stove top, the magnetized compartments for cooking, the little shelf on the counter top for organizing spices. They have really thought about it all.

The little pots set is all amazing quality, they are so sturdy and will definitely last them a long time. And trust me being a teacher, I have seen many different types of kitchen wear sets for dramatic play and this one is great quality.

This set has been incredible for my kids to not only use their imaginations it has really helped them become even closer if that's even possible. I haven't heard so much giggles and team work between these two.

When your child engages in pretend (or dramatic) play,they are actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life. Its not just play, they are taking on different characters, the experience of "walking in someone else's shoes," which helps teach the important moral development skill of empathy. Play is hard work and its such an important portion early development.

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