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REVIEW: CozyPhones

How cool are these cozyphone head phones for kiddos. They aren’t like the normal headphones, some can slip off or the ear buds that go into the ear isn’t very comfortable for kids to have on for a long period of time.

Imagine going on a long road trip and giving the kiddos those generic headphones only to have them rip them off half through the trip complaining that they keep slipping off their head of hurting their ears. With this awesome headband style head phones it’ll never slip off again. And the oversized earbuds are soft and comfy against their ears so there is no irritation on their ears or in the ear canal.

My kiddos have used these with their tablets, phones, computers and leap pads and they can play for hours and bonus to us parents no noise, its sheer silence.

My kiddos have worn them for long periods of time and sometimes forget they have it on because they are that comfortable. My little girl has worn it around the house just as a fashion accessory LOL.

The cozy phones would make an awesome gift, the kiddos would love, the headphones come in so many characters, such as the one my little girl is wearing a unicorn or like the limited edition one my little boy is wearing the Paw Patrol “Marshall” character. And if you check out the site, they also have options for adults as well because I hate those ear buds ones as well, after a bit of wearing them my ear starts hurting.

A little INFO about the cozy phones

- They are built with tough, flexible, durable braided cord

- 36 inch cord

- 3.5 mm stereo plug

- Compatible with most devices such as

1. Android

2. Samsung Galaxy

3. Blackberry

4. Leap pad

5. Google Nexus

6. iphone/ipad/ipod

. MP3

And FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US. Or if your CANADIAN you can get these cozyphones on amazon (Canada)

I hope you enjoyed our REVIEW.... What are some of your favourite techy things for your kiddos.

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