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Breakfast Cakepop

My kids absolutely love breakfast and combining that into a delicious cake pop is even better. This one goes fast so the only problem will be how fast can you make them. Do your kiddos love breakfast as much as my kiddos... if so give this recipe a try.


- pancake mix

- icing sugar

- maple syrup

- a carton of strawberries

- 5 bananas

- a carton of blueberries

- cake pop sticks

- eggs

- frosting piping bag

- milk


  1. Follow the directions of the pancake mix according to the pancake box. Place pancake mix into a piping bag.

  2. Heat the skillet to medium heat and cut the tip of the piping bag. Place a 1-inch size diameter of pancake mix all over the skillet. Cook each side till golden brown.

  3. Cut bananas into half a centimeter size width. The same goes for strawberries.

  4. Assemble the cake pops, first the pancake, strawberry, banana, and pancake. Repeat until the cake pop stick is full.

  5. Same for the assembly of just banana and pancake.

  6. Place on a plate and put maple syrup and icing sugar on top.

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