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DIY: Pompom Wreath

We're on a roll with these fun holiday DIYs. Sharing a fave our Pompom Christmas Wreath. If you've seen the previous post, I shared a few ways to make pompoms. We've used those same pompoms to make this beautiful fluffy wreath.

Items needed:

- Wreath ring (I used an old wicker one, but you can make one out of cardboard)

- Pompoms

- Glue gun

- a little ornament (I used a medium-sized one)

What I did was place the pompoms around first to see if I like the placement. Once I found the right placement start putting glue on the pompoms and wreath backing as well. Stick them down and fill the whole wreath. Once done. Place the centerpiece ornament and your done. Easiest DIY ever.

Be on the lookout for a few more fun Christmas DIYs. I gotta tell you Pinterest is the best spot for all creative ideas. We also have a cool Resource Library. We'd love if you subscribe and you'll get a password and all the free PDFs.


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