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DIY: Winter Snowglobe

Sharing another super easy wintry holiday DIY. I found these jars at our local dollarama. It comes together in under 15 minutes.

Items needed:

- salt

- glue gun

- mini trees

- little pinecones

- little round jars


  1. Fill with about 3 tbsp of salt.

  2. Take the inside plastic piece out

  3. Glue the mini tree and pinecone onto the inside of the round lid.

4. Once the mini tree and pinecone are dried on the inside lid. Roll the jar and move the salt on the side and close the lid.

5. Slowly tilt the salt and move the salt down.

6. Shake the salt slowly from side to side.

7. The salt will settle on the bottom and create the snow effect with the trees.

I hope you give this DIY a try. It's so easy and even my kids got involved and made one of their own.


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