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FOOD: Local Waffle Cafe

One of our favourite things about BC is all the incredible food trucks and restaurants we have. You can always find something delicious here. We stumbled across this amazing waffle shop one morning and had to try it out. If you're ever in BC or downtown Vancouver check out Waffleland Cafe on water street, trust me you won't be disappointed.

On the first visit, we had incredible Oreo milkshakes... OMG if there's one thing you gotta try it's the Oreo milkshake. We also had the cinnamon stick waffles and the smores one I believe. The food is just absolutely incredible. But the second visit was the most memorable we had the same cinnamon stick waffles but we also had the duck and waffles (similar to the chicken and waffle idea) but holy smokes the duck was absolutely amazing and a must-try.

Waffle land has a great selection on its menu besides the incredible milkshakes, they have a vegan menu as well, with great appetizers and lattes. A perfect cafe for a delicious brunch. We'll definitely be visiting our fave cafe very soon.

What are some of your fave local spots that you venture to often??? We'll be sharing more local eats so be on the lookout for more fun posts like this one XOXO

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