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Fun Activities at HOME

Whether your kiddos are doing virtual schooling or in person, sometimes finding fun activities at home is always hard to get around to. I'm sharing some fun things you can do at home. I've been focusing on helping my little boy get better at number/letter recognition. He's gotten so much better at reading and I think its helped him so much with recognizing letters more. Using a few items you can make these at home too. All you need is a giant poster board, sharpies, clothes pins and scissors.

I cut huge circles out of the poster board paper, for the alphabet recognition sphere. I drew the alphabet on the edge of the circle. If you like you can use a pencil first and draw out each letter (Uppercase) making sure each letter is spaced out evenly along the circle. Now on each clothes pin, draw the alphabet (lowercase) onto the edge of each clothes pin. Once done, mix up all the clothes pin and have your kiddo match up the lowercase to the matching uppercase letter. You can also make even more fun like what we did once my little boy got the hang of it, we used a timer to see how fast he could go and match up the letters.

The number recognition sphere was also super easy to make. I drew lines equally spaced apart making a deconstructed pie chart. In each triangle I drew circles (counters) and drew matching numbers on clothes pins. This activity is great for rote counting, number recognition and math all in one.

Another great activity to promote letter recognition was super easy to do. We used some muffin liners, a muffin tin and a few objects around the house. I drew letters on the the muffin liners and found items around the house that corresponded with the letter drawn on the muffin liners, such as the letter "C" I found a car and left it aside the muffin tin for my little boy to find and match up. This activity is not only great for letter recognition but it also promoted inquiry skills and critical thinking to figure out the correct pieces to match up with the correct letter.

Although I taught for years, pinterest is such a great resource to find fun interactive activities at home. I'd also check sites such as Teacher Pay Teachers, this site has amazing, activities and lessons created by teachers.


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