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Home Decor Inspo

I've been trying to do new things to make our house "ours" being just the four of us. This house holds a lot of memories good and bad. But I wanted to change the space, you know that saying "out with the old and in with the new" so we added a few shelves and prints and we love it oh so much.

Now if you don't know our back story I'm a single mama of three kiddos and after my ex left the house just felt so overwhelmed with so many memories so we needed to change things up. I donated and threw out so much stuff trying to make our house just ours. We got these prints, frames, and shelving from a local canadian small shop Opposite Wall. I can't tell you guys how much we love it, the quality of the prints and frames is so good. I've actually tried a different brand but I can tell you the quality difference is quite huge. You can tell just from holding the frames and prints the great quality Opposite wall offers.

I'm even more proud to say I did all myself. I know it may not seem like a huge thing to a lot of people. But drilling, using a hand tool and putting things up I've never done before. It felt so empowering doing it all. The shelving was moderately okay to do. It took a few tries but I figured it out and put all the shelving solo albeit it took a day but hey I got it up LOL.

I'm 1000% most proud of this entryway. I got the hooks from Amazon and it was my first project in the house. It was what gave me the confidence to put up the shelving LOL. Totally recommend these boho clean hooks that just spruced up our entryway. And of course, the beautiful prints and frames from Opposite Wall tied it all together.

And our little hallway connecting our kitchen and dining area is another fave. And my favourite helper had to get in and hang up a few prints with me. I love how these prints bring life to this little area. Every time I walk by it just makes me smile.

I've added this template of a Gallery wall to help you set up your own gallery wall. I have a few of these templates saved on my phone that I found on Pinterest to help when I'm re-doing my gallery wall. It's a great little inspo to have when I don't know what I want to do.

So... what do you think of our first-ever decor blog post. I hope you all like it. And we'll definitely be doing more soon and some Amazon finds. P.S. We'd love it if you subscribe and join our little fam bam. Once you've signed up you'll get a personalized password to our resource library full of free PDF printouts and recipes.


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