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Momhood REviews: Diaper Bags

After three babies I think I've finally found some incredible diaper bags. Trust me when I say I've gone through quite a few diaper bags trying to find the perfect one. With my first baby over 12 years ago, at the time there weren't the pretty diapers bags we see nowadays. It was a bleak selection of some hideous ones that were huge, strange prints, etc.

Fast forward 12 years and diaper bags have come a long way from what I had my first time around. The only simple sleek design I could find at the time was skiphop one. And would you believe there was only a tiny selections of different brands that even existed in the diaper bag department.

I'm a huge fan of vegan diaper bags. But if you like the look and feel of nylon diaper bags this beaba one is so good. With so many pockets inside and out to fit all your baby needs. This Beaba one is especially great because the straps are super padded and comfy. So its a great option if your going to be out for a long day. Another plus is that the nylon material is super lightweight and you can just throw it in the washer for an easy clean (but also remember to air dry because it may shrink a tad if you put into the dryer)

As I mentioned I love vegan diaper bags, they're super easy to clean and not delicate as true leather bags. This rylapack diaper bag is awesome. Not only is the material wipeable on the outside its easy to clean the inside as well. Again just like the Beaba diaper bag, this diaper bag backpack also has so many pockets and insulated pockets on the inside for the baby bottles. Rylapack diaper bags also come with little wet bag pouches which is great because many other brands don't have this feature.

Lilyjade is also another beautiful began diaper bag. But I do want to mention out of all the vegan diaper bags this one is on the heavy side. But this bag is also a tad bigger in size which could factor in the weight. This diaper bag like the others have so many giant pockets to fit all the things. The material is easily cleanable with wipes. Lilyjade also has so many strap options to change the look of the bag. Another great feature is that this diaper bag can also be worn messenger style or on the shoulder.

And one of the most famous vegan diaper bags of them all is probably the fawn design. I had this diaper bag backpack in a few colours and all the reviews are true, Fawn design is absolutely beautiful. My only con with this diaper bag is the backpack straps are a bit thinner so if you're wearing it for a longer period your shoulders will hurt. But other than that this diaper bag is amazing with so many pockets, smooth zippers and it comes with a longer strap to carry messenger style. This diaper bag is also on the heavier side, but its one of the few began diaper bag on the market that also comes with a diaper changing pad.

And as I mentioned I have tried quite a few different diaper bags, but my absolute favourite of them all is the Azariabrand diaper bags. By far out of all the vegan diaper bags this line is the lightest. In the photo above I'm actually carrying the petite version but they do have the full size one that is absolutely beautiful. I love this line so much so that I have this diaper backpack in a few different colours.

This diaper bag also has so many pockets, the zipper pull and details are beautiful, and it also comes with a longer strap to be carried on the shoulders or cross body. The exterior and interior is in that easy wipeable material as well.

P.S. we also have a promocode MAI10 for a great discount off their entire site.

I just love the whole Azaria line so much. I got this gorgeous purse that fits quite a bit. I can fit wipes, diapers and my essential items as well. The great thing about Azaria is the line is made with mamas in mind and you know we love supporting small shops especially ones that are women owned.

If you're thinking of venturing off from diaper bags and wanting a practical purse that can fit some of your kiddos stuff and your essential items check out the Azaria line. P.S. my camera bag above is my most favourite of the whole Azaria line. Trust me I've fit a tonne in this purse. I've managed to get two diapers, wipes, my essential items and even a baby bottle.

I also wanted to mention we've been a bit MIA. Life's been rough lately and being a single mama and doing it all has been so overwhelming I needed a little break. But I'll be starting a new series like the title above Momhood REviews, Momtalkmondays and perhaps whatsupwednesdays. So be on the lookout for more content coming up.

As always we are so grateful to have you all here apart of our family. We'd love if you subscribe and support our little family.


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