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Mommy and Me: Twinning

I'm so glad to have a little toddler that still wants to match with her mama because sad face my two older kiddos aren't so keen on it anymore. And my kiddos know if I had it my way we'd all be wearing matching outfits daily LOL.

Great thing about twinning... you don't have to necessarily wear the exact same outfits. Take the photo above, we're both wearing mauve outfits and matching shoes and kinda love the outcome of it.

Another great example, we aren't wearing the exact same outfit except we're both wearing the same gorgeous open back button up shirt. Love that we can wear the same item but style it differently. Especially considering she's almost a teen I'm sure this one doesn't wanna twin with her mama for long.

Another great option, everyone wear the same colour family. I love this gorgeous minty green colour so ofcourse we all had to get it and I love how it turned out.

Without a shadow of a doubt my fave are matching tees. Kinda obsessed and the only one matching outfit idea my kiddos would still wear with me now.

And ofcourse saving the best for last. My fave is the Chicwish matching pompom cardigans in this beautiful hot pink option. If you didn't know Chicwish has a whole selection of matching mommy and me pieces. And the quality of these knitted cardigans are absolutely incredible. Definitely want to grab a few more to match with my mini.

I mean can you even handle the cuteness... seriously obsessed with her in this mini version of the hot pink cardigan.

I love that chicwish as a huge selection of trendy and classic pieces that'll be in your closet for years. If your looking for more great chicwish ideas check out our previous blog post featuring a few more beautiful pieces from chicwish and how I styled it.


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