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RECIPE: Vietnamese Pizza

My kids are huge fans of anything Vietnamese food. So of course I had to try this delicious Vietnamese Pizza. And let's be honest anything that's Pizza related is good right?

Check out our yummy and easy pizza that comes together with a handful of ingredients. And the best part you can make this into so many variations.


- eggs (1 egg per pizza)

- Can of SPAM

- kewpie mayo

- siracha (optional) I didn't use for my kids

- Rice paper

- green onions

- dried pork floss


  1. Prep Spam, cutting it into bite-size pieces. Heat saute pan to medium-high heat and cook spam till golden brown and then set aside.

  2. Take a paper towel and wipe away excess oil. Place rice paper onto the same saute pan.

  3. Place one mixed egg onto rice paper. Using a spoon start spreading the egg around. Once the egg starts to cook place SPAM, dried pork floss, green onions, and kewpie mayo on top of the pizza.

  4. You can either leave the pizza open-faced and eat it this way or you can fold it in half and eat it that way.

Note: As I mentioned you can use a variety of toppings its the beauty of a pizza.

We hope you give this yummy and easy recipe a try and let us know what you think. XOXO

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