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Review: Emma Sleep Mattress

This Post is sponsored by Emma Sleep, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’ve recently revamped my kiddos’ bedroom and it wouldn’t be complete without adding a new mattress. Which is why we’re so excited to partner with Emma Sleep. Introducing you all to the Emma Original Mattress– Canada’s most-awarded and the World’s #1 best-selling mattress.

This is actually not the first time I’ve partnered up with them. I’ve owned an Emma Original Mattress for almost two years now and I can attest that the mattress was made using the best quality materials. I even remember my first night sleeping on it and it was literally the best sleep ever. During those times, I was still exclusively pumping breast milk for my youngest and I slept through my alarm to wake up and pump because my sleep on the Emma mattress is that amazing. Now that it is time to decorate my kid's room, it‘s a no-brainer to get the Emma Original Mattress for my kids. My kids have been sleeping on a terrible foam mattress that literally deflated within months of use. I did more research (not just based on my personal feelings on my own Emma Original) and a lot more good things came up– PTPA seal of approval which means it was tested and approved by Canadian parents, like me. On top of this, they understand that each person has their own sleeping preferences and offers a 365-night trial and money-back guarantee– this means you can request a return within 365 nights of delivery, making the investment risk-free. For these main reasons we got the Emma Original Mattress and I cannot say enough good things about this mattress. I kid you not the first night my oldest slept on her new mattress, the next morning she said it was the best sleep ever and that she didn’t wake up once throughout the night, which is incredible. She usually wakes up a lot, she's a light sleeper and any sounds from my two other kids wake her up.

The Emma Original Mattress is made with plush, washable, and incredible high-quality moisture-wicking material and I can attest to the moisture-wicking breathability because even during the hot summer months, my mattress stayed cool. Did you know that Emma memory foam is made with a trademarked, breathable AIRGOCELL® comfort layer that helps keep you cool all-night long? Another great reason to grab an Emma Original Mattress.

Okay but I think we can agree on one thing. The best part is the cool way the Emma Mattress comes delivered in compact-sized boxes which makes it so easy to move the boxes around the house to the preferred space. For example, my townhouse is four stories high but our stairs aren’t that big so this box fits perfectly up the stairs to get into my kiddo's room.

Some great features of the Emma Original Mattress

  1. It has a 3-Zoned HALO® memory foam transition layer that provides targeted pressure-relief for improved spinal alignment, and optimal support for your shoulders, back, and hips

  2. durable HRX Supreme® base layer that has over 100 supportive points that distribute your weight evenly to reduce pressure on the body, provides optimal edge support and is engineered to hold firm and resist sagging for years

And a major selling point, as a parent I’m sure a lot of you have found yourself with your little one sneaking into your bed at night or like me who co-sleeps this mattress is 100% for you. The Emma mattress has motion Isolating foam designed to minimize movement and weight disturbance to ensure one side of the bed's turbulence doesn't affect the other side at all.

Emma Sleep promises a 365-night money-back guarantee, 10-year manufacturer warranty, free shipping (despite being free, my Emma Original Mattress was delivered quickly), and returns. We 100% recommend the Emma Original Mattresses. I will surely be buying Emma’s mattress if we ever need another one because the quality alone is just incredible. Check out our Instagram where we'll be sharing in depth stories of the mattress as well as a reel showcasing the cool motion isolating foam in action, promise you this video alone will have you wanting an Emma Original Mattress.


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