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REVIEW: Kidtropolis

One of the things we love so much about living here in Vancouver BC is all the family friendly places we have here to explore. Not only is there beautiful outdoor spaces, there are so many fun indoor places as well. For example Kidtropolis... yes it sounds as fun as the name.

Kidtropolis is an 18,000 sf, interactive Pretend City model and indoor playground, designed to provide a safe, unique and realistic educational environment for kids to Pretend Play. It’s the perfect environment for parents and caregivers to bond with their children by participating together in pretend play.

We've been here quite a few times and each time we stay for hours. The interactive city model and indoor playground designed to provide a safe, unique and realistic educational environment that lets kids to do what they do best: pretend play.

This M&M meat shop literally looks like the actual store, the frozen food boxes, shopping carts, cash register and the apron all look just like the real thing. My kids loved it so much the played in this shop forever.

The whole facility has so many great features. Besides the incredible interactive city model and shops. Safety is also a huge thing Kidtropolis does well. They have entry and exit gates to prevent children from running out of our facility. But ofcourse, parents/caregivers are responsible for their child. Similar safety protocols as any large family entertainment facility (Telus Science World or Vancouver Aquarium). The staff here are so welcoming. Upon entry and buying tickets, they give you all info needed in regards to safety and cleaning schedules (yes, they have intervals of times while your in the facility. Cleaning crew comes in to sanitize the play areas) during this period me and the kiddos went to the cafe to eat.

The great thing about Kidtropolis you can book your time slot you desire and show up at your time instead of waiting in the long line up. Besides dropping in. Kidtropolis also have fun evens such as Toddler Tuesdays, Kids night out and Kids Nerf night (cool thing about Kids nerf night and kids night out. Parents you drop off your kids; thats right you get to leave your kiddos there for a few hours... how amazing is that) But the kids night out and kids nerf night get sold out pretty quickly so I'd book my nights way in advance.

You can book birthday parties, schools can book field trips and kidtropolis even have kids camp. This facility is so great I can't say enough good things about it. If your ever in BC we highly recommend checking out kidtropolis on the trip, your kiddos will absolutely love it.

Info about Kidtrolpolis

PLAY BY TIME TICKET ENTRY Arrive at the scheduled time on your purchased ticket. Once you arrive, you are welcome to “imagine” the day away. Most guests spend about 2 hours at kidtropolis. Last timed ticket entry before close is at 3PM, walk- ins are still accepted after 3PM.*


Child Admission (2yo+)$24.95 per child

Child admission includes ONE accompanying adult

Additional Adult Admission$12.50 per adult

Infants (under 2yo*)FREE**Adults accompanying infants under 2 years old pay the Additional Adult Admission Fee


Toddler Tuesday (2yo - 5yo)$19.00Punch Card Loyalty Pass (10 Admissions Bundle)$225.00










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