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REVIEW: Lily Jade Caroline Diaper Bag

Ever since my first baby, I've been obsessed with diaper bags. But 10 years ago Diaper bags weren't as amazing as they are now. Back then the market didn't have really a whole lot of options. Fast forward now and the market has soooo many amazing options to choose from.

You name it I've tried it LOL call me the diaper bag hoarder. We were sent this beautiful Diaper bag from Lily Jade to try out called the Caroline and I'm in love. Its definitely a lot more space in it than my other diaper bags. So if your on the market for a larger diaper bag for more than two kids I highly reccomend this diaper bag. Although my two older kiddos are older I still carry a few items for them. I could fit so much in this bag besides my kiddos stuff I also stash a few of my items in it and there is still sooo much room inside for more.

Look at this gorgeous diaper bag (P.S. its super light-weight). This bag is made with vegan leather with Lily Jade spec'ed enhanced durability and plush stain/water-resistant liner (amazing feature) I've worn this out in the rain and the bag was fine (wahoo). This bag has so many gorgeous features. The first has to be the built in (hidden) padded backpack straps. The straps disappear completely into a zipped hidden spot in the back of the bag.

This diaper bag has so many amazing features such as 10 pockets, an adjustable messenger strap and the beautiful Lily Jade tassel. Also available is the beautiful new straps (an extra cost) if your wanting to jazz up your Lily Jade diaper bag and make it a little more unique.

So in love with my Blue Geometric Woven strap. Go check out their site, they have so many beautiful woven straps to choose from.

Also wanted to mention this diaper doesn't come with the organizer/changing pad like the other Lily Jade Diaper bags. And it also comes with a one year structural warranty and six months vegan leather warranty.

Diaper Bag Measurements

Dimensions: 15"(H) x 12"(W) x 6.25"(D)

Main Opening 17" Wide

Cross Body Strap: 56"

Cross Body Drop: 16" - 30"

Weight: 2.6 LBS

Thank you so much for sticking around and checking out our blog. What are some of your favourite baby items??? Mine is definitely the diaper bag and then strollers.


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