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REVIEW: Sandman Hotel

Have you ever stayed at the Sandman Hotel? If you have, you know that it offers both luxury and comfort at a reasonable price. Now, if you haven’t stayed there yet, let me tell you why it is worth a visit. In this blog post, I will take you through my experience at the Sandman Hotel and provide you with an honest and in-depth review. Ready? Let’s get started.

We stayed at the Sandman Signature Mississauga Hotel and it was absolutely incredible. We stayed in a beautiful suite with a king size bed and a queen size pull out sofa bed. Let me tell you my baby girl that never sleeps through the night literally slept through the night throughout the two weeks we stayed during our vacation. Our room also had an kitchenette that we cooked and heated up meals and stored all of our snacks. I'm pretty sure my little guy thought it was amazing with the kitchen and dining area right next to each other.

My baby girl and I slept on the pull out sofa bed and it was the softest ever, I actually preferred that bed over the king size bed. So much so even my little guy loved the sofa bed as well, he asked to join us LOL.

Our suite was great, but the most incredible feature hands-down is the amazing swimming pool. My kids would of stayed here for hours if I let them. Dependent on certain days a lifeguard is also on site and hotel guests can use the incredible large water slide.

There are two restaurants in this hotel as well an amazing lounge and a 24 hours Denny's. Which we definitely took advantage of when we had jetlag and we were up and wanted something delicious to eat we ordered breakfast at midnight haha.

And P.S. if you have kiddos you'll definitely understand this. Our toilet got clogged twice and someone literally came within minutes of calling down to the front desk for assistance. I believe that you can always sense what a hotel is like from the service and I can say without a doubt the Sandman Signature Mississauga location is absolutely amazing for our 2 week stay.

Another great feature besides the incredible swimming pool. I also took advantage of the great fitness center as well. The fitness area had everything you need from doing cardio to weights and it was also air conditioned so it was super comfortable to workout.

Overall, the Sandman Hotel is a great place to stay. It is in a convenient location, the rooms are comfortable, the service is excellent, and the food options are delicious. Overall, it was a great experience and one I would definitely recommend to others.

If you are looking for a luxurious hotel at a reasonable price, make sure you check out the Sandman Hotel.


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