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Toddler Gift Guide

Getting on this early and sharing some great toddler toys that my little one is obsessed with. Well be sharing a series of fun toys for all ages so be on the lookout.

Wooden toys are one of our fave items to pick up. They last forever. I've had a melissa and doug puzzle set thats well over 8 years old and still looks in amazing condition. First up is the awesome Melissa and Doug line. They have so so many awesome wooden toys to choose from. We love this abacus. This one toy has so many developmental areas toddlers are developing. They're learning colour recognition, rote counting and fine motor skills as they move the counting balls back and forth.

Another favourite line of toddler toys would have to be the HABA line. Ever since we got this fishy drum, little bug hasn't stopped playing with it. This line has so many toys to choose from and goes from ages 0 right up to 8+

Another favourite of ours is defintely this block set from Lovevery. It such a great versatile block set that can be used in so many different ways. This line has stage-based play essentials: designed by experts, built for babies and toddlers up to age 3 and they also have awesome play kits.

The last favourite... we saved the best for last is the Leap Frog Puppy named Bailey. This is such a great line and this puppy is amazing. Its an interactive toy. Bailey sings songs, repeats words and so much more.

• Bailey encourages language development through repeatings words, conversation and creating shorts stories

• Bailey has three learning level settings (a great setting) that grows with your kiddo

• The Puppy also flaps ears as she responds, with songs, key words and stories

• The songs, short stories and word repition reinforces language development about letters and numbers

And I also wanted to share two amazing small shops and love that they're both CANADIAN. The Baby Niche has great wooden block sets, play gym and a beautiful ABC Puzzle. Modern Imagination is also another great one. They have climbers, puzzles and soo sooo much more. Go check out these two shops, they have so so many amazing stuff.

Are you an early shopper and get the gifts outta the way or last minute like me LOL.


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