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Twinning Fashion

Before we start into talking about how amazing the KIN and KITH clothing, can we just say how dang cute these two are, and I am biased cause they are all mine. Okay now that we got that out of the way LOL. Kin and Kith is such a great brand, not only do they have some adorable coordinating outfits for the whole family, I love the idea that they are environmentally conscious company whom has partnered with fair trade producers and manufacturers. They focus on providing families around the world digital access to high quality coordinated looks for the entire family. Although their collections are limited edition pieces, the pieces are made in beautiful fabrics, rich colours and simple design, durable, comfortable and chic. And I can say they are comfy because my little guy doesn't even like wearing denim pants because they aren't cozy, so this is a sure sign that Kin and Kith fabrics are so soft and comfy. And the best part has to be the dress, my little guy loved that the dress had pockets, she kept putting her hands inside and saying how many things she could put into it.

And not only are the clothes environmentally conscious. I love the backstory of how KIN and KITH started. The company started with two childhood friends that have come together through motherhood and created a new fashion brand. A clothing line that is not only inspired by the bond of family, but also demonstrates how a unique business model can innovate family fashion. We are a lifestyle brand focused on bringing family style to the forefront of the clothing industry.

Oh my heart just explodes looking at these pictures especially at little man's expressions. Also if you go now to their site and purchase some items, use my promo code- MAMAINDULGE and you'll receive 10% off all your orders, so go hurry now and take advantage and get some of these amazing pieces.

Thank you so much for reading along.

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