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A little bit of CURL

After two kids and lots of trial and error I have found some amazing products that I love using for my kids. And no we aren't sponsored or anything like that we just really love their products. Some tricks I have learned is that I wash their hair every other day. If I wash their hair everyday it would dry their hair out. On days I don't wash their hair I would only use the hair milk in the morning when they wake up and run it through their hair to keep it moist for the day. On days I do wash their hair I would start with the sulfate free shampoo, rinse the shampoo out and put in the conditioner. Now to trick to brushing their curls without hurting them is brushing their hair while the conditioner is in their hair. I also use a wide tooth comb to brush their hair out. Once they are outta the shower, I put in the hair butter and only days that their hair feels more dry I use the hair honey only on the ends in conjunction with the hair butter.

What are some of your favourite hair care products for your curly haired babies.

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