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Awesome Toy Storage

OMG..... can you tell the kiddos seriously love the storage bins LOL. But in all seriousness, we really do love these storage bins. And if you cannot tell it has a whole lot of room. I mean the kids fit inside the bags and there is still a lot of space for more things to fit inside the toy bins.

Not only are these bins super adorable. The companies name is pretty dang adorable too. This awesome little shop is called "HURRICANE MUNCHKIN". These awesome toy storage bins are super strong, durable and foldable. We use two just for the kids toys, one in the closet (we put their clothes that they love and use frequently, such as dress up clothes, cause I swear my kids change their clothes like a million times a day LOL). These storage bins are seriously not just for toys, but you can use it to store pillows, blankets, clothing, etc.... The list is endless of what you can store in these amazing durable storage bins.

The storage bins I have have these special little animal figures on the front of each storage bin is made with felt and stitched onto the bins. The size if your interested is 43.5 cm in diameter x 46 cm (17 x 18 inches)

But some important info, the company uses ePacket delivery services, but bare in mind if you do live in Canada, it may take a bit longer due to customs, but trust me the wait is worth it.

And if you sign up for their newsletter, you'll get 10% off your entire order. Thank you so much for reading along.

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