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REVIEW: ShopHollaMama

I am so excited to do a review on SHOPHOLLAMAMA. They sent us this beautiful necklace and bracelet set for my little girl and she hasn’t taken it off since the day we got it.

Now if you are a SMALL SHOP LOVER like me than you will love this jewelry small shop. It has everything from MOM and ME sets, to little delicate pieces for your kiddos. The best part I have to say is that the jewelry pieces in the children’s line don’t come with a chain. The jewelry set come gold plated with a durable and beautiful strong durable cotton cord. When you order a set in the kids jewlery line, you have the choice of what color cotton cord you desire. It’s awesome not to have to worry about a chain getting caught in your kids hair or breaking.

- Pendants are gold plated

- Comes with a cotton cord (that you can adjust)

- Pendant height 1” , Carrot height 0.7”

- Comes with a special gift bag and box

Not only are the pieces durable, each set has special meanings to them. For example, my little girl chose the bunny set. This set is a sweet bunny with hand symbol cut outs on its feet and a carrot pendant. The bunny represents charm, intuition, sharp memory and creativity which exactly describes my little girl.

In my culture, superstitions and good luck charms are somewhat apart of our day to day. From when I was little there would be so many little things my mother, aunts, grandmother etc would do to prevent bad omens and keep bad things away. We would be given special little charms as a child to protect us. So this little set really does hit home. Especially with the HAMSA hand symbol in this bunny set, its a sign of protection, brings happiness and luck, good fortune and health; so I mean who wouldn’t want that right.

Thank you so much for reading along. And we also have a special promo code "MAI15" to get an amazing 15% your order.

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